Business & Sport Consulting Services

AQtive Business Consulting delivers pro-active, personable consultancy services that motivate & help clients thrive and achieve their visions.

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Our Services

Offering a highly qualified and skilled business executive, with over 25 years’ senior experience:

Strategy development and implementation for all “off-field/track/court” matters, resulting in value creation and sustainability at National, State and community levels.

Generate new revenue streams, greater stakeholder engagement & brand enhancement. Sports, education, charitable and not-for-profit sectors.

Future planning & strategic direction that results in sustained competitive advantage and superior financial returns for clients. 

Resulting in a framework to efficiently and practically direct and control — or ‘govern’ — your organisation, guiding transparent processes and effective decision making

Providing leadership, expertise & performance improvement. Roles can include Chief Executive, Company Secretary, Chief Finance Officer, Project Manager. 

Professional and personal development to contribute to an individual’s success & “be their best”. 


Key Clients & Partners

See below for some key engagements and valued clients in the sports & business sectors:

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